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Edited 01/08/2008
Know your enemies, simulate their tactics!!!
At last you can get what you ever wanted for your pilots! an accurate way to simulate over a map all your enemies tactics without the confussion of using the same planes for every air group flying (including yours!).
Here you can get a highly detailed copy of the most common planes across the continent with the most used and well known paint schemes. Just print them at your local printing company and give all the realism you need to your tactical training sessions.
As a subscriber to AERO-TONE NEWS you'll get all this for free!!!

Fortune hunters
This scheme is commonly used by air pirates, the "joli rouge" with the black and white (calico jack style) wing tips reminds the old times of piracy... then pirates, corsairs and buccaneers raged across the caribean seas, now this new fashion of bounty hunters wreak havoc across the skies of America.
Everyone, or at least every pilot who wants to keep flying for many years, knows this scheme... the black and white colors of the BLACK SWAN... some groups try to copy them with black fuselages too... but they are only mere copycats.
Blake Aviation Security
This is the police-blue of the BAS pilots. The well known but not always feared blue means "trouble" for all the pirates across the skies of our nation. This is a very good scheme for air superiority squadrons.
Regular Army Woodland
The most common camo scheme in the regular army wings. Really nothing much to say about it.
Regular Army Desert
This scheme is less used than previous one, but many groups across the mexican border, colorado and other desertic regions use it, even some sneaky pirates got their planes in such color.
Nival Scheme?
This was supposed to be a high contrast nival scheme for the northmost squadrons, it seemed to be useless in artic regions and soon become popular on farming comunities as it resembles the skin of an european cow. This is the weird country we are living at!
Sunset Strikers
Another scheme commonly used by pirates, it is highly visible except at down and sunset, the time when pirates like to make their raids coming out from the sun... a nice and lovely scheme.
The Blue Angels
Even at war times, some pilots keep flying just to give the normal citizen some "real" flying action. The blue angels (all of them pilots with a natural touch for their flysticks) are the best known acrobatic group, they rarely use their guns... but they allways fly with the guns fully loaded, even in the most pacefull exhibition.
Rustic Fashion
Gray and checkered, this scheme is one of the "stock" schemes used for private groups, you can see plames painted like this all around the globe.
"Victor Tango"
"Victor Tango" states for Vodka Tovarich, a joke for the planes and pilots using this scheme usually asociated with communist-friendly groups (this scheme is used in Europe and they recently adopted it for America too).
Marcos "TOPO" Hidalgo - 2008
Marcos "TOPO" Hidalgo - 2008